Paria Farzaneh

Paria Farzaneh launched her menswear brand in 2017. Holding her Iranian heritage and cultural roots at the core of her brand DNA, Paria draws inspiration from a fusion of memory, identity and profession. Combining these ideals with her heritage results in a lavish array of artisan hand printed Iranian fabrics paired with simplistic British traditional shirting and tailoring. Paria Farzaneh is conscious of the pieces representing the wearer in their unique way. When casting for shows and campaigns, care is taken to build looks upon the characteristics of the wearer and layers to create structured silhouettes accordingly. A mixture of sports and technical fabrics are sighted throughout and seen with a brazen colour palette and thick patterned fabrics. A testament to how far Farzaneh’s designs and brand has come in such a short space of time, she was nominated for the LVMH prize in 2019.

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